Lufenuron, 1 year supply For Cats & Dogs

Lufenuron, 6 Month Supply For Cats & DogsLufenuron, 6 Month Supply For Cats & Dogs


FDA approved
Small easy to administer capsules




FDA approved for use in dogs and cats. Available by prescription and over the counter. Once the female flea ingests blood from a pet treated with lufenuron, 96% of egg development from fleas on cats and 99% of egg development from fleas on dogs is stopped. This helps prevent a continual flea problem. Lufenuron does not kill the adult flea and does not stop the flea from biting and causing flea allergy dermatitis. Lufenuron is stored in the body fat and released into the bloodstream over the course of a month. Flea eggs laid prior to treating the pet may take several months to hatch. Lufenuron will not be effective until these fleas start to lay eggs. Therefore it may take several months to see the product’s effectiveness. If quicker results are needed, use our Nitenpyram Capsules.

Side Effects,
Rare. May see lack of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, itching, difficulty breathing, or reddened skin.

Warnings, Oral forms are considered safe to use in pregnancy and lactation.
Lufenuron capsules are approved for use in dogs and cats 4 weeks of age and older.
Treat year-round for best results or start before warm weather begins each spring in the northern states.
Need to treat all pets in the household for fleas, and treat the environment, or the problem will continue.

Drug or Food Interactions No known drug interactions.

Additional information

Weight .50 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 2 in

45 mg Dogs up to 10 lbs, 90 mg Dogs 11 – 20 Lbs, 90 mg Cats up to 6 lbs, 205 mg Dogs 21 – 45 lbs, 205 mg Cats 7 – 15 lbs, 410 mg Dogs 46 – 90 lbs


  1. can you use this product at the same time as the Nitenpyram Capsules?

    • I wouldn't administer Nitenpyram unless there seems to be a flea outbreak a week or two before the end of a month.

  2. I was DESPERATE!! This summer (2018) I could not get rid of the flea epidemic with 4 cats, 2 of which had very long and dense fur. No amount of Frontline, Advantage, cat flea spray from Addams, Revolution, flea combing for hours, or flea baths was working. We had larvae in the carpeting and bedding, even after shampooing and washing. I also used flea and tick foggers to kill larva in carpet, and any place else they hide, several times. Things got better, but I still had fleas. I hate giving my cats pills, but out of desperation I grabbed em all, one by one, and gave them these pills AND daily Nitenpyram. After the first month, I think all the larvae had hatched, and the cats were no longer dropping viable eggs. By using this with frequent nitenpyram during that month, to kill when a bunch of larvae reinfested until they were all gone, I got rid of the fleas!! I am still using this for a few more months, as larvae can live for a long time. But I found out that this and nitenpyram have no taste, and I can mix it into their morning wet food. I don't have to chase them for two days to give the pills!! This works way better than spot treatments on big, furry cats.

  3. I swear by Lufenuron as it tends to render fleas sterile. I give my cats the nitenpyram first to knock down some of the fleas already on them, then 3 days later, I give them another Nitenpyram. Wait 2 or 3 days and give them Lufneuron. If they seem to get fleas a week or two before the end of the month, give them 1 Nitenpyram till time to give another Lufenuron. You have entirely too much going on there so you'll want to cool it on all of it but the Lufenuron as soon as possible. Keeping them quarantined for a while in a room that has none of these products would be a better way. After treating everything, wait a few days before letting them go back into it. Insecticides have been the cause of kidney failure etc. Talk to a good Veterinarian about the use of insecticides.

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  4. Can this be sprinkled in with wet food, or does the cat need to swallow the capsule whole?

    • Yes you can open and mix in food. But remember cats are very finicky and can smell anything in the food. Also they need to consume the whole dose so if the cat does not eat all the food it's really not gonna be as effective as it should be.

  5. Do you supply to the UK? If so, how much would it be in pounds GB, for 12 capsules 205 mg. including the delivery charge.

    • Please put item in cart and enter your country and address and the system will give you the price.

  6. I need stronger dogs my dogs weigh 125lbs do you have the correct dose

    • Hi Chris, All you need is to purchase the additional dosage you need to add up to the correct amount you pet needs.

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